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What is LoRa®?

Looking to connect your business to the Cloud? LoRa Technology is the de facto choice for LPWAN connectivity for long range, low power Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enabling countless use cases in a number of key markets including smart cities, buildings, agriculture, metering, logistics and supply chain, and industrial control. Learn how LoRa and LoRaWAN can benefit your business.

How many jobs can be done at home? 37%.

Science Direct


We classify the feasibility of working at home for all occupations.•

37% of jobs in the United States can be performed entirely at home.•

Jobs that can be done at home typically pay more.•

Lower-income economies have a lower share of jobs that can be done at home.


Evaluating the economic impact of “social distancing” measures taken to arrest the spread of COVID-19 raises a fundamental question about the modern economy: how many jobs can be performed at home? We classify the feasibility of working at home for all occupations and merge this classification with occupational employment counts. We find that 37% of jobs in the United States can be performed entirely at home, with significant variation across cities and industries. These jobs typically pay more than jobs that cannot be done at home and account for 46% of all US wages. Applying our occupational classification to 85 other countries reveals that lower-income economies have a lower share of jobs that can be done at home.

Data caps and late fees are back

AT&T, Comcast Xfinity, Mediacom and T-Mobile are scheduled to return to normal service on June 30, as the benefits granted by ISPs during the quarantine expire. Late fees will be back, too.

Major Internet service providers are scheduled to end their quarantine benefits soon, once again subjecting Americans to data caps and removing protections if they are unable to pay their bills. 

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Effects of COVID 19 on telecom for businesses

COVID 19 has certainly changed to way we work forever going forward. The impact on businesses will effect our “going forward” for years to come. Some telecom thoughts we can help with:

  1. Right sizing your company’s call capacity in a brick and mortar facility as more workers do their jobs from home. Ensuring PRIs are right sized for current call capacities.
  2. Making sure your inbound internet connection is appropriate for remote workers for data and company VoIP.
  3. Testing the company’s security when using VPNs for access to data.
  4. Right sizing and verifying your telecom expenses through auditing and contract renewals.

The workplace will never be the same. Contact Clark Telecom now for review and consultation now.

Next Generation 911

The success and reliability of 911 will be greatly improved with the implementation of NG911, as it will enhance emergency number services to create a faster, more resilient system that allows voice, photos, videos and text messages to flow seamlessly from the public to the 911 network.

NG911 will also improve PSAP ability to help manage call overload, natural disasters, and transferring of 911 calls and proper jurisdictional responses based on location tracking.

While the technology to implement these new IP-based 911 systems is available now, the transition to NG911 will involve much more than just new computer hardware and software. Implementing NG911 in states and counties nationwide will require the coordination of a variety of emergency communication, public safety, legislative and governing entities.

2017 NG911 Progress Snapshot

Many states and localities are planning for and making the transition to NG911 now. Annually, the National 911 Program collaborates with 911 associations to gather the most recent information about nationwide progress toward NG911.

2017 NG911 Progress Report